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Butaca Legado
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The Concept

The demolition of Tec de Monterrey´s iconic stadium gives origin to a project that seeks to re-use or repurpose its seats through a program that would enable fans to not only acquire a seat but also provide funds for the Lideres del Mañana Foundation delivering scholarships for students with limited resources. Home to the university´s Borregos sports teams and the city´s Rayados Football Club, the Estadio Tecnologico became a temple and sanctuary for many of Monterrey´s sports fans. This project is a tribute to that venue, its fans, teams and their historic moments. We created 2 variations under a single concept, to provide fans with a piece of the historic venue itself, not only in terms of an original seat but an object that would homage every aspect of the property with its design, materials and details. Each variation follows this idea, yet each focused on creating a different experience. With a concrete base and engraving, the Legacy chair, is an object that we believe transcends for its aesthetic and highly emotional value. Much like an art piece or collector’s item, every aspect of its design is a homage to the historic stadium while also enabling fans to continue using their preferred seat. On the other hand, playing a more functional and familiar approach, our Classic design is centered in its relationship with the user and game watching experience. Simple yet functional details like an integrated bottle opener enhance sharing moments with family and friends while a lighter design and appearance reinforce its practical focus.

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