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Fuse Construction
About the project

The Concept

Fuse Construction is a residential and industrial construction company focused on the development of high end projects as well as the investment and execution of real estate. Backed up by years of experience in the construction field, Fuse takes pride in its reliability and efficiency through precision planning, commitment and expertise. Fuse Construction’s calculated and methodic practice is further enhanced through a personalized service and treatment. Our branding program for Fuse, enfolds a solid, and reliable brand with a vibrant, fresh and personal attitude. The use of architectural and construction plan illustrations as patterns are indicative of the company’s practice while also being allusive to their meticulous planning and attention to detail. A dark blue color conveys the brand’s serious and professional aspect while the human and visionary side of the firm is depicted through a vibrant orange. The contrasting thickness in the typographic logo serve the same purpose portraying reliability and service. The end product is a solid, modern and technical brand with a prospective feel.

New York

551 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022

+1 347 254 5619


Río San Lorenzo 292 Col. Del Valle 66220
S.P.G.G. Nuevo León, México.

+52 81 1358 7760