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Delta Indoor Climbing
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The Concept

One of Monterrey´s most defining features are its colossal and imposing mountains, characteristic to the city´s unique landscape and home to a wide range of mountain related sports like hiking, trail running and rock climbing. Delta is Monterrey´s new indoor climbing club, a sanctuary for the city´s climbers, where both beginner and advanced athletes can get together, share, practice and progress their skills. Looking to appeal and promote climbing to a wider audience, Delta reinforces the sports´ great sense of community and companionship while also tackling one of its main misconceptions, safety. The brand´s visual identity is a blend of urban and topographic elements that allude to Monterrey´s contrasting landscape as well as the sport´s outdoor nature and the gym´s indoor features and amenities. Club-like graphic arrangements are a nod to the indoor climbing community and Delta´s positioning as an alternative workout club. Interior design layout and distribution alternates dynamic lounging spaces with active areas for specific muscle workout and training. Climbing walls serve as primary elements within Delta as large canvases in a gallery, encouraging users to examine, create and tackle multiple climbing routes. Based greatly on the urban side of the brand, the gym´s interior treatment combines neutral grey tones, raw concrete finishes and black metallic accents against neon colored climbing holds.

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