Surfing the Sky


Surfing the Sky
About the project

The Concept

Surfing the sky - is an innovative consulting firm specialized in communication strategies and creators of the highly successful ¨Surfing the sky¨ methodology for long term data retention. A clean and modern graphic identity was developed as part of a wider brand update that includes a refreshed version of the brands iconic logo bearing the firms name and ¨surfer¨. A bold combination of white and blue colors with red accents convey the brand´s relaxed, fresh and forward thinking attitude, while a secondary serif type and ordered layout nod to the deeply scientific and calculated analysis behind the firm´s consulting approach. The brand experience is further enhanced with every project´s delivery in the form of a solutions kit incorporating the customer’s company analysis, results and data. This data is embedded within the kit in the form of a USB pill, alluding to Surf in the sky´s scientific background and role as a healer or purveyor of results.

New York

551 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022

+1 347 254 5619


Río San Lorenzo 292 Col. Del Valle 66220
S.P.G.G. Nuevo León, México.

+52 81 1358 7760