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The Concept

The covid pandemic created a number of changes in the way we live, from social (physical) distancing to making masks an essential accessory. One key change, however was the way the pandemic “forced” us to go back to our homes leaving our office spaces behind and triggering a series of changes in the way we work, rest, buy, interact and live. These changes have provided an opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate our homes, spaces we live in and objects we use under a still evolving panorama. Alternative Function is a shop and platform to explore the continuously changing landscape of home living, through objects and furniture pieces that better adapt and respond to our more dynamic and flexible way of life while also allowing to constantly question and re-evaluate our home space and activities. We developed a branding system and packaging solution that seeks to show ALT.FN's functional side through simplicity and practicality while keeping a clean and modern feel to reflect its relevant and timeless pursue. A series of icons and complementing stickers seek to provide a friendly expression with a bold and warm personality, but also allude to ALT.FN's curatorial approach in its product offering. For ALT.FN’s first collection, we designed a series of products that explore the brand’s practical and responsive approach to the still evolving landscape. Through a deep dive into the “new normal” we identified different shifts in home living, including new and sudden home office requirements, as well as the need to separate work and leisure, productivity and rest, without the ability to change spaces. Balance, health and productivity have all become paramount under the same roof. Our first collection is thus comprised of an easy assembly desk/table that can be used for work and dining, a fire pit and incense holder to provide the necessary changes in mood, and a series of table top accessories to counter the home office desk chaos.

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